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Hello reader and visitor. This is my website and archive of past endeavours. It is very easy for stuff to disappear in the digital age, so this is my personal archive of videos, audio, articles and books from years past – all curated for you to browse. I hope some is of interest. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Goldfinch in Square

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  • A fascinating article - well worth a read.

    Mike W Founding Director
  • Absolutely fascinating- particularly on the mechanics of comprehension delay. Also the fact that Arabic is not monolithic.

    Christian E Lecturer, Plymouth University
  • A good read. You've inspired me to give it a go.

    Jamie Jordan NHS
  • Really nice pieces Mark, hope to see more of your writing talents and read more of your work.

    Stephen Ives Teaching Director, Dubai
  • Interesting, insightful and well-written article that enlightened me about the specifics of learning Arabic and had me nodding in agreement at some of the general observations on language learning.

    Andrew Stucken Director, Applied Translations
  • Interesting. I was actually engrossed by this essay and learned a lot, although not a linguist and not expecting to be interested.

    Stuart Groom Writer
  • Pathways are funny things in life, in how something as traumatic as the Deal bombing or a simple misspoken word can influence a person into going left or right off them. You did the right thing for you at the time and have been proved right.

    Wendy G Office Manager
  • A great series of posts – very evocative of the times.

    Duncan Macmillan MD, Art & Soul
  • Mark is like the Steve Irwin or Bear Grylls of careers. He's had some amazing experiences and was really able to put himself in my shoes.

    Guy M
  • Good luck! Will never forget the opportunities you've given me.

    Luke Besant Digital Marketing Manager, JTL


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