Corporate Comms

As the boss you know how important your communication skills are. Whether you’re director, manager or sole trader, you have to get your communications right to a range of very important people. These people include your customers, clients, employees, colleagues, suppliers and investors. If you’re not getting your message across effectively you could be causing considerable harm without even noticing.

We understand. We’ve done it; seen it; experienced it ourselves. That’s why we offer sensitive, discreet services to business leaders in the following areas:

Director support:

For senior, board-level, company personnel such as managers and directors we offer various support packages. These include personal communications coaching, writing speeches and scripts in the appropriate voice, media training and stakeholder communications. Call to discover more about how we can help, or contact us via Twitter or LinkedIn.


Senior company personnel have responsibilities for company communications, so we’re happy to support with advice about governance issues. These include the rights and responsibilities of company personnel at all grades in different forms of communications. General Data Protection Regulation, Information Commissioner’s Office and other communications regulations and policy initiatives.

Internal Communications:

Where does this sit within your company organisation and who is responsible for it? As companies expand and evolve they experience staff turnover and changed roles. Dedicated internal communications processes can really make a difference between high productive morale in an energised workplace or the opposite. You cannot assume your team knows what you hope they do, so we work with you to produce and implement internal communications plans to raise morale and lower churn that can help to increase efficiency and profitability.

Brand History

3Deal Ltd is a private limited company that was originally set up in 2011 as a rapid-prototyping (3D printing) business offering great value, great products and based in London. It is now the holding company for a number of imprints including Goldfinch Digital. It also holds the copyright for intellectual property such as the OPAL Dashboard.

Take the next step. How can we help with your communications?

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