This category stretches the boundaries somewhat to travel by car, plane, ferry and other means. Mostly it consists of airline boarding cards capturing long-forgotten journeys around the world, including some airlines that no longer exist. There are also a few tickets for cars and ferries, such as the first in the collection: an undated pleasure cruise across the English Channel. Please note we don’t sell tickets.

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Deal to Calais - Cruise ship ticket - circa 1965
Golden Arrow luggage label
Goole Parking Ticket - issued 6th June 1987
Taplow Parking Ticket - 13th December 1985
North Sheen - Dog Ticket - issued 27th July 1957
Morden South - Dog Ticket - issued 18th May 1957
Wandsworth Common - Dog Ticket (return) - issued 12th May 1957
Donegal Bicycle Return - County Donegal Railways - Closed 1960
Castlefinn Dog - County Donegal Railways JC - Closed 1960
Deal Parking Ticket - British Rail - 28th March 1981