Here are a few selected samples from my audio archive, with old interviews where I’ve been the interviewer and interviewee. Audio is a very powerful medium, as listeners often listen to radio and podcasts when they’re by themselves, so what you say can have more resonance than in a video. You still have to plan it carefully though.

Business Bunker Interview 15th August 2017Click to visit page (20 minutes)

In January 2014 I was invited to create a series of pilot interviews with interesting local people for an experimental local internet radio station. After booking the first four guests, running the interviews and editing the results, I made four shows. Please note they are audio only (although I turned them into video formats to list on YouTube). Sadly the radio station didn’t become a reality and so I didn’t do any more interviews in this series.

Silvia Lees

Talented linguist and Spanish teacher Silvia Lees appealed to my own language background, and the result is a lively interview that also touches on her extraordinary personal journey from Central America via New York City to England.

Janet Robinson

Dress-maker and seamstress has worked in film and haute-couture. Hear some of her stories and tips.

Two Senses of the Unknown

In this extraordinary interview Mark talks to international stage hypnotist Chris Gillies and renowned clairvoyant medium Roy Roberts, together Two Senses of the Unknown, ahead of their performance at the Astor Theatre in Deal.

Dana Sayyar