Badrasheen to Abu Ragwan

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Badrasheen is a wayside station about 25 miles south of central Cairo on the western Giza bank of the River Nile. Facing it on the Nile’s east bank is Helwan, southern terminus of Line 1 of Cairo’s extensive Metro network. Just west are the ruins of the original city of Memphis from ancient Egypt. Memphis traditionally marks the boundary between Upper Egypt, the south following Nile back into Africa, and Lower Egypt, the north where the Nile becomes a large river delta that flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

I bought this ticket on 21st December 1994, for a journey to the small halt at Abu Ragwan. It’s a slightly rare form of English and Arabic text on pink card with a 3 stamped over in Roman numerals. It also betrays Ottoman Turkish influence in the printed price of 5 qurush. This is an appealingly neat, unwitting, way to incorporate nearly 2000 years of Egyptian history in a small space!

This area is famed for its pyramids. The Giza pyramids are well-known, but there are numerous examples from different eras of ancient Egypt. Many of these types can be viewed from trains travelling up and down this stretch of railway line including the ruins of the Saqqara and Dahshur pyramids, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Read more here.


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