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It's 2020. Article 13 has passed and been enforced. Now YouTubers are seeking a career change.

Watch the full video by @nitpix here: https://t.co/dU1d787mP1

#SaveYourInternet https://t.co/iTSqrNM2VC

Another one @RAIL https://t.co/zLIsfMh1T9
mark3deal photo
Southeastern @Se_Railway
NEW: We've had a report of a vehicle hitting this railway bridge near #Marden. Trains may be delayed as they have to pass over the bridge at reduced speed until a member of response staff can check the bridge for damage. https://t.co/rhuqQQAWJH

Much to treasure in this feature @Deal_Town @patrickxwest @androidandreas and great to see @TidalCompass get a mention. 👏🌊 https://t.co/Jdvu6OosU6
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Frog And Scot @FrogAndScot
Thank you to @ST_Travel for a great article about Deal in yesterday’s paper.
Both @FrogAndScot and @Le_Pinardier got a mention.
Have you been to Deal yet?
Open today from 12noon 🍷🍖🍾🧀
#seaside #kentcoat #kentriviera #seafood #michelinguide #goodfoodguide 🦐🍤 https://t.co/sDkGb9EneE

We are looking for sponsors and content advertising partners for our radio shows We have a great line up of talk shows covering a range of topics & markets Find out more here https://t.co/w5SJX3P9ey https://t.co/rOwvkYCaBc mark3deal photo

@bencobley Sometimes helps to treat app forms as a *game* for your writing skills. They're scanning for keywords so sprinkle them liberally to advance to the next stage. App forms are utterly useless for 'knowledge workers' with creative portfolios. @humanworkplace