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The Stone is carved with three scripts – hieroglyphs, Demotic (the script used for daily purposes), and Ancient Greek. Scholars were able to use the Greek inscription to translate the hieroglyphs.

Here’s everything you need to know about the object: https://t.co/GKnZ8gT1qy https://t.co/Zp6Qrr1jGP
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The Rosetta Stone was discovered #onthisday in 1799.

It’s regarded as one of the most important ancient Egyptian objects ever found, and was the key to deciphering hieroglyphs https://t.co/vzTzq8fTt0 https://t.co/dhIaNBvTpo

Did you miss the show when I was joined in the studio by co host Mark Goldfinch @ driveyourmark & our guest Doug Chapman the Keeper of @ dodevillage Catch up with here >>>> https://t.co/MZJb3uDqK2
#BBunker https://t.co/6I6tG8Uw2Z
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Today we came together as a Corps to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Deal Bombing. The Corps family and the town of #Deal enjoyed a fantastic, fitting performance from the @RMBandService. Thank you to everybody who came to make this event so special. @RoyalMarines https://t.co/SBVMn9kmha