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In Istanbul, plastic is now a form of currency for metro users. https://t.co/ZaRGIscxGh

Would you like a shoutout on our radio show? Tweet me with the hashtag #BBunker. We are live on air Tuesday 1pm here ==> https://t.co/7I5tTvqoxW https://t.co/1a6JB5nDBK driveyourmark photo

Historic Deal? Tonight on @BBCNews at 10, how the Kent seaside resort in the heart of Brexitland responds to the PM deferring her Historic Deal. #bbcnewsten https://t.co/2DlwzuF9Ez driveyourmark photo

A few more of my photos from the @pennmuseum yesterday. I fell hard for this child's footprint left on a brick from the city of Ur (in modern day Iraq) dating to 2000 BCE. https://t.co/AUc5RPbuz0 [Originally excavated by the @britishmuseum excavation in Ur in 1926] https://t.co/yvovFgry9r driveyourmark photo

It will be lovely to have a cafe at the end of the pier again. https://t.co/L1i6NwIkE7