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3 days ago
Kraftwerk? 🤣 https://t.co/C5wDMp3mMU
Business Bunker Xtra @BunkerXtra
Listen again to today's great show with my co host @driveyourmark & our interesting guest Doug Chapman, Keeper of @dodevillage
https://t.co/MZJb3uDqK2 https://t.co/dBepU7AvQm
3 days ago
The Prize for the overall winner of the Speakers Platform will be 1-2-1 coaching from each of our judges, who will share with you ways to improve your speaking & earn money as a professional speaker.
Find our more about the Speaker Platform Here>>>
https://t.co/NOpqHuumxL https://t.co/LyDmmRX88S
driveyourmark photo
3 days ago
Good piece on how inappropriate tweets can have a huge impact on one's reputation, share price and future business success. If in doubt check with a colleague and never tweet in anger, unless you are prepared for the consequences. https://t.co/iGQTgBpvGv
3 days ago
Good morning Amanda @BunkerXtra Could we have a #BXtra #BBunker Shoutout please . Fruitworks are expanding , hotdesking & community office space in central Canterbury https://t.co/DrW0j2yyx3 Thanks T&G https://t.co/5xhjJEnMKC driveyourmark photo