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Freezing conditions, gale force winds, mountainous seas today. This is a recipe for mass drownings. https://t.co/CxC5lggQgr

Hugely important. Venezuela set to import lock stock & barrel China’s dystopian Social Credit Score system. The emerging digital export industry between authoritarians: social control. https://t.co/ztHbwDyXCK https://t.co/tATXaNJfFv driveyourmark photo

Pliant Energy’s agile swimming amphibious robot demonstrated at the 2017 Naval Future Force Science and Technolgy Expo in Washington D.C. #tech #robotics #engineering #future https://t.co/TfG06c64B9

Good luck to the team at Deal Pier Kitchen for the first of their soft opening events today. We hope the guests have a great brunch! #Deal #DealPierat60 https://t.co/n8gFB7D7R8 driveyourmark photo