Little Survivors

I’ve travelled a lot throughout my life so it was always difficult to acquire and keep large items. I had to travel light. So I kept the smallest items: flimsy and disposable items of ephemera. As I take these fragile little survivors out of various boxes, envelopes and drawers, I realise they show my true curriculum vitae. They’re also a great stimulus for travel anecdotes, which is one reason I’m sharing them with you. Perhaps you can shape a story of your own around one of these little items.

Where would you go? What stories do you have?

Sources for Stories

The Daily Ticket is a form of story-telling. Throughout 2017 I’m adding 365 tickets across 7 categories to prompt memories and thoughts of travellers’ tales. I’m sharing these tickets in the hope that some might prompt you to develop your own stories. You might not have been to the same places, but one of the places mentioned might just jog your memory.

I help people and businesses organise their marketing, which saves time and stress. As part of this I created a straightforward way to help people develop anecdotes, which are the building blocks to confidence and assertiveness in groups of people. I help people strengthen their small-talk and become more confident in social situations such as networking events and elsewhere. Stories about places are a great way to begin. Get in touch if you’d like some advice.

Seven types from around the world

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