Broad Horizons

Knowing languages definitely expands your horizons and your confidence. It gives you a different perspective on your own language and culture too; some even call it a second soul. Living in sight of the French coast I loved French from an early age. Then at 19 I developed a passion for Arabic and spent much of my working life far beyond European culture and the English-speaking world.

Professional Communicator

Yet communication isn’t just the language; it’s also about the structure and the audience. It’s about the nuance, culture and consistency. Along the way I’ve learned from a unique portfolio of organisations and roles: the Intelligence Corps, British Council, IT training companies, internationally-renowned blue-chip corporates such as WPP and Bell-Pottinger, and even the US Defense and State Departments. I have learned from each of their unique cultures.

Have I had communications disasters? You bet. Ask me and I’ll tell you all about them. It’s true we often learn more from our failures than from our successes, and I’ve learnt a lot. Yet I’m very proud of and have fond memories of many instances of successful communication in foreign languages far away from home, and everyday successes closer to home.

As an accomplished expert speaker, I have appeared at industry conferences and academic institutions around Kent and the UK. If you’d like to discuss booking me as a guest speaker to help make your event a big success, contact me here.

What drives me is the art of successful communication: in fact the art of ensuring your successful communication.

 How can I help you?

  • If you’re a business, how does your current communication build your reputation, engage prospects and customers and drive sales for the years ahead? I’d like to help you develop your communications with foresight and strategy.
  • If you’re an individual, you might think your legacy is safe but who will find and remember your great stories and experiences in 50 years? Digital technology gives us great tools to curate your reputation now and forever. I’d like to help you conserve your life experience so that generations to come can appreciate it. As a trained historian I always have an eye on the long view; and I shudder at the destruction I’ve witnessed.

Thanks for visiting and reading. We don’t bite, so just get in touch for a chat and perhaps begin your journey towards your digital future.

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