Your Stories Build Your Personal & Professional Narratives

In this project are 365 tickets in 7 categories. They aim to jog your memory, add to your repertoire of stories and ultimately help you consider your own narratives. These are the causes and effects of your life that help people ‘get you’ and understand what has shaped your character and values. This can be of immense importance in your future life and career. So why not begin Your Narrative Journey…

Why are narratives important to businesses?

Narratives are ways of telling related stories over prolonged periods. You need to convey information, compare different choices and outcomes and introduce the reactions of different characters. Every story does this and some succeed spectacularly well and live in the memory. We can all acknowledge and narrate our own story, and this can sometimes be a classic ‘hero’s journey’. In the case of a business, telling stories and maintaining narratives is sometimes called the ‘brand story’, and it’s a way of conveying important values to customers over prolonged periods, so as to establish trust and loyalty and personality. Ultimately this makes the sales and marketing processes easier and enables the company to sell more of its products and services.

Why are narratives important to individuals?

Having a clear view of your personal and professional story arc, hero’s journey or narrative can be important for a number of reasons. This is not to say you should be a megalomaniac or fantasist! There are elements in everyone’s life including your own that make interesting stories, and contribute towards the personal values you can maintain in your narratives.

Naturally we can help with advice and practical support about story-telling, narratives, brand values and much more. Why not start with our Strategy Services?

Little Survivors

What survives? What papers, what artefacts and what memories? How do you organise them and tell your stories?

I’ve travelled a lot throughout my life so it was always difficult to acquire and keep large items. I had to travel light. So I kept the smallest items: flimsy and disposable items of ephemera. As I take these fragile little survivors out of various boxes, envelopes and drawers, I realise each one jogs a memory. Together they build a powerful narrative of movement, travel and communication across multiple countries and diverse languages.

Stories and narratives are powerful tools for businesses and individuals.

When you’re ready to tell people about your business, we can help you develop brand stories, narratives and engaging marketing material. Call us today on 01304 728977 or contact us via Twitter or LinkedIn. We’re looking forward to helping you.

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