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I use many of the processes of strategic communications in my current marketing business. The key take-away is organisation and planning… strategically. If you don’t look long-term and you don’t have these long-term aims in communications, you are doomed to create drivel on your social media, or even stop doing your social media or your blogs altogether. This means prioritising and planning strategically.

Almost every business, and ourselves as individual people, need a journalist’s eye these days because we can be our own publishing company. We all have very interesting stories. Even if you don’t think you do: you do. Part of what I do is to encourage professional firms to bring that out from within. That can actually be free or cheap. All they’re doing is organising their internal resources to bring these stories out. That gives them free owned content they can use time and time again. This is not buying expensive solutions.

I strongly believe everyone should have a core repertoire of half-a-dozen little anecdotes, each of say 1-2 minutes. They can interject this into any conversation, perhaps going up or down in style or content according to who their audience is: they granny or a business conference. They can act as plug-ins during small-talk. So the person will cut though and prompt someone to think, ‘Perhaps I’ll find this person at the next coffee break to continue this conversation.’

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Mark has considerable experience as an educator and developed a range of teaching and training skills during English teaching roles at the British Council and IT training jobs where he was a member of the former Institute of IT Training. Read more…

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