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Are you seeking more control over your life and career? It might be that you could do with a touch of organisation and care in the way you present yourself. I can help you navigate through the very un-British art of self-promotion.

By working alongside you to craft your narrative, I help you be smart, strategic and self-sufficient when you portray yourself to the world. I help you begin leading your own personal and professional communications, no matter what channel: digital, personal, online, offline.

Start leading your professional communications today.

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When you’re ready to start leading your communications, contact me to begin your Personal Marketing Programme.

Work through the workbooks that you can buy and download, and begin making those changes today!

The Personal Marketing Programme

Marketing Workbook for Freelancers

Workbook for Career Boosters and Switchers

Based on decades of experience in communications, marketing and digital marketing I’ve designed the Personal Marketing Programme to be straightforward and practical. It has 5 stages of 10 questions: 50 questions in total all based on my OPAL Dashboard. OPAL stands for Own-Plan-Act-Link.

  1. Stage 1 has 10 questions covering the vital areas you need to decide before you do anything else. The other 4 sections cover the main points of my OPAL Dashboard.
  2. Stage 2 (Own) has 10 questions on your marketing infrastructure.
  3. Stage 3 (Plan) has 10 questions on organising your future communications.
  4. Stage 4 (Act) has 10 questions on your content creation and channels.
  5. Stage 5 (Link) has 10 questions on your digital, non-digital and face-to-face links with your targets.

PDF Version *Immediate Download*

Print Version *FREE DELIVERY*

PDF Version *Immediate Download*

Print Version *FREE DELIVERY*

For a complete transformation in how you portray yourself to the world choose a Personal Marketing Programme! From 5 days to 5 weeks. £725.

You get five 1-2 hour sessions in person or via video call, plus assignments, plus free books worth £60, plus ongoing support. For programmes arranged over longer periods (maximum 5 months) payment plans are available. For example 5 payments of £145.