Wembley Stadium

 In Britain, Daily Ticket, Entrance, London

London’s Wembley Stadium has a glorious reputation for being the epicentre of English football through the 20th century. In fact this ticket marks one of the the final games at the old 1923 original stadium before it was shut in October 2000 and demolished to make way for the modern stadium on the same site.

The ticket is dated Saturday 6th May 2000 for the 2000 Final of the Football Association (FA) Vase, a championship competed by the country’s smallest clubs. That year was between Deal Town and Chippenham Town football clubs. The weather was good, the atmosphere was good-natured and the singing was loud by the fans from both teams. The crowd was swelled by fans taking the opportunity to see the ‘hallowed turf’ of Wembley for the last time and, by all accounts, a high proportion of the population of both these small towns travelled to the match, leaving ghost towns behind.


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