The Art of the Narrative…

What’s your personal narrative? When you think about the story of your life – past, present and future – what patterns emerge? How would you explain your life to someone else, or even leave a legacy for the future? I believe you have stories worth telling. The first step is to remember them. Then shape them so they make sense to readers and listeners. This is what a narrative does to a story: it gives every story its shape so it has a beginning, middle, end and value.

I Help You Develop Your Personal Narrative

I’m a published author with a track record in explaining complex issues such as the digital economy and the Middle East as well as issues surrounding personal development. I’ve scripted programmes and interviews and helped numerous people express themselves better over the years. If you would like to take advantage and have a free consultation, please get in touch.

Consider why you want to tell your stories and to whom. If it’s to shape your future life and career, I can help with the Personal Marketing Workbooks to start or the full Personal Marketing Programme.

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Old* Blogs (*Some out-of-date)

Kerry Rubins Interview

[Archive 2014] Kerry Rubins was at a project meeting I attended in October 2013 and I was impressed by her passion and by how much she’d raised for charity: Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I wanted [...]

Alistair Merchant Interview

[Archive 2014] Alistair Merchant had been thinking about writing his memoirs for some time when he contacted me. He has had an extraordinary life to date, full of twists and turns, coincidences [...]

Animated Explainer Videos

[2013 Archive] The conundrum For a while in 2013 we had a conundrum: namely, how do we explain all our services in a nice simple engaging way? Although I’m not shy in front of a camera, at [...]

A useful book: Dying to Know

[2013 Archive] I completed a sensitive and useful book for Oonagh Bastille of Haven Asset Management. This is entitled ‘Dying to Know’ and is by Oonagh Bastille, herself an Independent Financial [...]

2nd Digital in Kent Conference

I’ve been meaning to write about this sooner but the challenges of the new company mean I haven’t had much time since. Here are 4 elements that have stuck with me after nearly a fortnight: A [...]

Charlie Chittenden: The Work

[Archive 2013] I’m delighted to publish the second part of our latest interview. Charlie Chittenden is a talented artist, musician and song-writer, who also works 50 hours a week in an EMI [...]

‘The Real Kent Coast’

Please note that I partially rewrote this post in November 2016. While the fundamental problems remained, the political scene had transformed in the 3 years since I originally wrote it especially [...]

Colin Skinner: Heat & Cold

  This is Part 2 of Colin’s incredible story of his two epic transcontinental journeys on foot 5000 miles across the USA, along the way raising tens of thousands of pounds and dollars [...]

Inheriting a Relic

This is one of a series of Life Junctions posts. Each tells a story from my life that illustrates a wider human issue. This tale concerns trust and security. If you’re interested in writing [...]

Karachi Hotel

This is one of a series of Life Junctions posts. Each tells a story from my life that illustrates a wider human issue. This tale concerns trust and security. If you’re interested in writing [...]

Two incidents near Zaqaziq

I’m reproducing 2 reports about incidents last week on the single line between Zaqaziq and Mit Ghamr in the eastern Delta, and make some comments afterwards. The second is potentially more [...]

Rail theft thwarted near Minuf

The spate of rail thefts continues, prompted by desperation among certain sections of society and easy access to the source, if a railway track runs through your village or district. This recalls [...]

Sad fate of the Sinai line

In response to a question from a reader about the Suez Canal bridge, I unearthed 2 recent reports here and here from el-Masry el-Youm, both dated 24th October 2013 and by Izzat Maghazi. They [...]

Cairo Central Re-Opens

This is an atmospheric report from almasry alyoum detailing the situation at Cairo Central early this morning, as the first train in 68 days prepared to depart, and then on board Train 903 to [...]

Accident at Shabshir el-Hissa

After posting a list of train accidents earlier in this set, I was rather disturbed to see the pattern continuing. Here’s yet another level crossing collision from last Wednesday night, [...]

Timed scene list for 1953 film

This is quite a long post but I think it’s important to reveal the contents of such an historic find, that I’ve just transcribed. Mr Ton Pruissen in the Netherlands was kind enough to [...]