The Art of the Narrative…

I Help You Develop Your Personal Narrative


What’s your personal narrative? When you think about the story of your life – past, present and future – what patterns emerge? How would you explain your life to someone else, or even leave a legacy for the future? I believe you have stories worth telling. The first step is to remember them. Then shape them so they make sense to readers and listeners. This is what a narrative does to a story: it gives every story its shape so it has a beginning, middle, end and value.

  1. Your first step? Take some time to remember.
  2. Your second step? Consider why you want to tell your stories and to whom. If it’s to shape your future life and career, I can help with the Personal Marketing Book (coming Autumn 2017) to start or the full Personal Marketing Makeover.

I’m a published author with a track record in explaining complex issues such as the digital economy and the Middle East as well as issues surrounding personal development. I’ve scripted programmes and interviews and helped numerous people express themselves better over the years.